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We are an independent talent agency

We focus on sourcing permanent graduate, master's, PhD, junior and mid-level technical hires from Europe - for companies of various industries and sizes in the UK. If you're looking for your next tech superstar, you are at the right place:

Save time and effort
Shorten the hiring process and receive pre-selected quality candidates
Access our outstanding talent pool
Have your opportunity heard in our focused talent pool of hundreds of potential candidates in multiple countries
Put diversity at the core
Broaden your tech team's perspective with international talent

How we work

Tailoring our services to best fit your organisation's needs


We first want to fully understand your hiring needs and what your company is looking for. It's essential for us to see what where and how we can help effectively. A sector-focused dedicated consultant will work with you on an individual basis.


Once we understand what you are looking for, we reach out to our unique candidate networks and talent pools. If needed, we leverage our partnerships and university connections and advertise on your behalf. We make sure your opportunity is heard by the best candidates with the right message.


We pre-select applicants and forward you only the best and most relevant candidates so you can focus on your work and save time in the process.


We help new hires in every step of relocation (if not remote) - housing, legals, registration and the rest. Individualised support to make sure settling in is as easy as it can be.

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